Diamond is 2 years old, good with cats and all respectful children! Diamond prefers not to live with another dog at this time. She is respectful and appropriate in passing. Diamond walks well on her leash. Loves to play ball and loves all people.


Izzie came to T&C when her owner got unexpectedly deployed overseas. Didn’t take long to find this love bug  a new home. She’s living the good life on Long Island!

Clarke Gable

Almost 2 years spent in a city shelter and deemed “dog aggressive”, Clarke Gable is now living with a canine brother and a feline sister!


Gotti was found roaming the streets at 2 years old. Rescued by our friends at BHAR.



Francine stole our hearts in April, 2016. Pulled from a city shelter and placed in training for 8 weeks. We fostered Francine for about 3 weeks until her forever family came along. She now lives with Mom, Dad, and canine sister Scarlet.


Sawyer, a 2 year old Shih Tzu/Cavalier mix got bounced around a lot.  We pulled  him from another rescue in January.  During our foster period with Sawyer, my husband and I noticed how much our Golden, Vegas liked him. So we decided that our home would be his home!  His name is now Murphy!!


Merry and Noelle

  Merry and Noelle Adopted on January 2, 2017. Nice way to start the year!


   What can we say about Livingston? Super friendly with both people and other dogs, although he’s not fond of kitties. High energy. Adopted in December, 2016.